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Aluminum Series
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Side hung fi
Multipoint l
Technology P
Single point
Multipoint l
Safety Door
Mill-in Gear
Inline slidi
Mill-in Gear
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Face-fixed f
Face-fixed f
7 Handle
Model steel and wood series
Tilt-turn fi
Tilt-turn fi
Technology P
Inline slidi
Door with cy
Parallel sli
Crescent loc
Decorative hardware series
Door closers
Door top
To play the
Glass hardwa
window opene
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Name:Lin Zhang
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Our aim is to supply builders, manufacturers and architects a complete range of high-quality window & door hardware technology. We strive to be known for stressing durability, research and development with regard to production and distribution, design, usability and performance, in order to meet all of your requirements in terms of planning, assembly and every day use.

Why should the industrial buyers work with FEVCOL Products and Services?
FEVCOL's products are developed to perform better than the competition. Our products are developed with the goal of providing our clients a good, value-based purchase that will help them be more profitable in their day-to-day operations. Our commitment to high quality and consistency in our products and services is what sets us apart from others.

Our attention to customer detail is a critical component in our customer service area. Our custom sales software allows our staff to keep detailed, accurate notes on our customers' requirements, allowing us to fulfill orders to their preferences. This commitment to consistency allows the customer to feel confident when they ship orders in for service.

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